The Dastardly Dollar Bill Art of Lord Thayer

Hello, my name is Thayer Helu, and I'm here to share my ever-expanding collection of dollar bill art, henceforth known as "dollarts".

Before we begin, I'd like a second to set the record straight: I do not deface any property of the Federal Reserve, nor would I ever do something as brazen as making a blog about it if I did; I find all of these on my commute to work. If that seems implausible to you, I would ask you how you manage to fit 30 feet of small intestine in your stomach.

And now on to the show.

Lincolnborn, Lincolnborn, by his honor is sworn into office. Few tales have more more humble beginnings than that of the Lincolnborn.

Sentenced to a scoundrel’s death, he achieved freedom by an act of fate, and would continue on to lead the country during the Civil War between the Confederate Stormcloaks and the Empirical Union. History often overlooks (and rightly so) how, upon being free, he went on to steal countless pots, pans, and brooms before realizing how worthless they are.

Although the Lincolnborn quickly rose to the top of the American Government Guild, he would never get to fulfill his fabled destiny, having died in the Ford’s Theater dungeon, and losing his save file to corruption somewhere along the way (one of the MANY bugs during his Presidency.)

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