The Dastardly Dollar Bill Art of Lord Thayer

Hello, my name is Thayer Helu, and I'm here to share my ever-expanding collection of dollar bill art, henceforth known as "dollarts".

Before we begin, I'd like a second to set the record straight: I do not deface any property of the Federal Reserve, nor would I ever do something as brazen as making a blog about it if I did; I find all of these on my commute to work. If that seems implausible to you, I would ask you how you manage to fit 30 feet of small intestine in your stomach.

And now on to the show.

This one is based off of a Fox Kids television series (which is based off of a comic book, go figure) that I have enjoyed both as a kid and as an adult called The Tick. Our artist must have done this one as a belated Christmas present to me, based on the content and the fact that I’ve never seen him make one so soon after making another!

..Now that I look at it though, it does seem kind of sloppy and lazy compared to some of the others. Maybe it’s no present at all, but a fulfillment of some kind of self-induced yearly quota for himself. Merry Christmas to me.

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